Headshot shows a White woman with an open smile, wearing glasses with thin black frames. Her hair is medium-length and wavy-brown. Her eyes are smiling. The collar of her shirt is light blue and her suit jacket is black.

Rebecca Lewis (she/her/hers)


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Cameo shot of wide panoramic computer-generated image of an asphalt road with a yellow line down its center, during what appears to be a yellow-and-orange sunrise or sunset. A brightly-lit light bulb hovers over the yellow line in the road, symbolizing ideas developed along the journey. Image Credit: ID 89842879 Copyright Wayback12 | Dreamstime.com

Hiding in Plain Sight

Change Management Blog

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Headshot shows a White woman with an open smile, wearing dark, blue-rimmed glasses. Her hair is medium length and wavy-brown. Her shirt shows various shades of blue in a geometric chevron pattern. Her head appears to be leaning backwards against a wall mosaic made of colored tile shards against an aqua background.

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Social and Philosophical Commentary

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Rendered 3D isometric CAD drawing of a green mechanical pencil. Source: Student Classwork at https://www.nr.edu/cadd/mechanical/mechancial.php

On-the-Fly Technical Writing Sample

Mechanical Pencil Assembly Instructions / self-taught MadCap Flare / one weekend in 2019

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Another On-the-Fly Technical Writing Sample

Small Part Sandblasting Using Portable Single-Stage Air Compressor / one weekend in 2022
©2022 by Anthony Rowe

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Python Text-Based Adventure Game

Python class project from Udacity "Intro to Programming" Nanodegree / Spring 2019

Creative Commons photo of a human eye and object, pencil-drawn in large 'pixels' on aging, yellowed paper with notebook holes. Play Game on replit.com