Change Management Poster

Let's play a game! It's called "Treasure Hunting"


Within a process flow, information, by itself, is value-agnostic.
Its value is created when a person who needs to use it has it at the right time and at the right location in the process.

  • This allows them to use it to keep the process flow moving as efficiently as possible.
  • This also makes that information pivotal, no matter the nature of its other value factors.
A white poster with black and orange lettering fills up the screen. The poster reads, 'Treasure Hunting Saves Everyone's Time!' 'What???' 'That's right! Identifying and documenting information blottlenecks--someone's pain points--is a slam-dunk process improvement! Therefore, Listening to Each Other's Pain Points Equals Treasure Hunting!' Beneath those words is a product prototyping process flowchart with team ownership swimlanes. Background is an orange gradient. Swimlane labels are black blocks with white text. Various teams are green or blue, with black text. Underneath the flowchart is a series of questions: 'What information, or changing information, am I lacking, to do my job? Wha has it? Is there an automated, or low-cost, way for me to get it? What information, or changing information, do I have? Who needs it? What can I set up so that it's convenient for both of us?' Image Credit: Copyright 2022, Rebecca Lewis


Information bottlenecks can come in different sizes and impacts, but they are all bottlenecks.

  • KEY POINT: They aren't exactly hidden. They're someone's pain points.
Therefore, if I'm thinking about more people's interests than just my own, it is possible for me to anticipate them.
Thankfully, that's our team personality!

Same product prototyping process flowchart with orange gradient background. White dialogue bubbles with black text state pieces of information that need to be passed between teams. A large black dollar sign with a thin, bright-yellow outline accompanies each white dialogue bubble. Image Credit: Copyright 2022, Rebecca Lewis


Each bottleneck is a clearly identified opportunity to make an incremental improvement... without having to brainstorm further about "how to improve things."

This transforms "information bottleneck hunting" into a practical method of TREASURE HUNTING!